Foods – Know the Choice for Your Sleep

Your diet has big impact on the quality and quantity of sleep you take every night. The diet can either make or break your health. Studies have shown that people who take healthy diet are likely to be free form sleep issues than people with bad eating habits. Many people in the United Kingdom are prescribed strong sleeping pills to treat severe sleep issues like insomnia. Ambien sleeping tablets and other sleep meds work incredibly to remove the problem, but they only for work for a few hours. By changing the habits, you can contribute to peaceful and restful sleep at night. Here is a short overview on good and bad foods that affect your sleep efficiency-

Best foods for healthy sleep –

Grapefruit, tomatoes, papaya, watermelon, tuna, barley, nuts, lemon, milk, broccoli, pepper, kale, cereals, rice, spinach, banana, strawberries etc. are some foods to make best selection for the treatment of sleep issues in you. All these foods are said to be rich in tryptophan, which helps in production of melatonin- the sleep hormone. By maintaining the level of the sleep hormone, these foods help you regaining sleep quality.

These foods also regulate the process of production of neurotransmitter, which contribute to sound sleep. Also these foods improve the calming effect that makes you feel relax keeping certain psychological changes away from you. Go and buy these foods from the market to load your refrigerator with sleep-helping foods.  Studies have proven positive effects of all these foods over the quality of nightly rest.

Worst foods for sleep

Not only the best, but knowing about worst foods is also an important thing for sleep. If you are addicted of eating sleep-reducing foods, you may not be achieving healthy sleep at night. Intake of such foods is likely to worsen the natural sleep-process leading stress, depression, anxiety, and strain. You may not believe, but you may already have addiction of these foods. Coffee, chocolate, alcohol, steak, tea are some of those you may be taking with more interest. Foods high in cholesterol, oil, fat and protein have proven to cause obesity and sleep problems as well. Everyone among us wants to fall asleep the moment we lie in the bed, but consumption of these bad foods can degrade the sleep quality.

All these foods negatively impact on the production of sleep hormones and keep the brain stimulated even when you feel-drowsy. This is the reason why you suffer different symptoms of insomnia.

So, it’s your choice to continue on sleep-enhancing or sleep-reducing foods!


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