Technology to Harm Sleep and Cause Severe Sleep Problems

Sleep, the most important human activity, helps entire body to be rejuvenated. Every night of healthy, relaxing and soothing sleep contribute to physical and psychological wellbeing. Ranging from a toddler to the older person, sleep plays an extremely important role. Sadly, ever-developing technology and fast paced life have taken control over the quality of sleep. These days, many young adults complain about sleep insufficiency and other symptoms of insomnia.

Increasing sleep issues have increased the demands of sleeping pills among people. According to the report of National Sleep Foundation, sleep insufficiency has made sleeping aid highly in demand that millions of sleeping pills have been prescribing every year for people with frequent or constant sleep worries.

The way how technology is affecting a person’s sleep

It is almost impossible imagining a life without technology that surrounds us. Ranging from the smart phone to the television has brought a kind of addiction. Smartphones and laptops are the main culprits to make huge transformation in the lifestyle and to harm sleep quality as well. Youngsters are addicted to using their smartphones and laptops for more long hours during the day. However, the study show that use of smartphones for more than 5 hours a day could get the person closer developing insomnia. Heavy cell phone use has shown increased use of depressive symptom and sleep issues among men and women.

Individuals who constantly access their phone are prone to develop mental health issues. Late night use of laptop and smart phone can be liable for stress, depression and anxiety caused in the bed. The combination of both- the smart phone and the laptop makes drastic effects on the quality of psychological and physiological health. This is the only reason why internet is loaded with the information of restricting excessive use of technological devices. The main purpose behind perspective is to promote human wellness.

Methods of maintaining sleep and skipping long use of technological devices

Though the studies have not still cleared the reason of why excessive use of these technological devices is influencing an individual’s psychological health, but the theory of people is likely to reach out. Below are some simple methods of restricting excessive use of technological devices to save sleep efficacy-

  • One should keep the cell phone away from the pillow and bed
  • It is good keeping the cell phone on silent mode and restricting the brightness
  • One should not go with late night hangouts with friends
  • Late night work on laptop is a strict no for preserving sleep quality
  • Replace the tablets with printed form books, if one likes reading at night
  • One should have a phone with smaller screen to maintain the eye-sight
  • Using glasses while the access of the phone and laptop helps preventing harmful rays acting adversely on the brain that cause stress and depress
  • It is better being manually social then being present through a group of chat messenger or social networking site

These are a few simple methods to help promoting sleep and lessening the use of phone, which harms very important aspect of human life. offers best and cheap sleeping pills such as zopiclone pills, diazepam sleeping pills, Xanax pills, codeine pills etc. in UK. Check out our online website and buy today!


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