Herbs for Stress & Associated Sleep Problems

Herbs for Stress & Associated Sleep Problems

These days, stress is very common among all. The most important thing that pulls attention is that coping with stress has become difficult for many people. Prolonged stress can cause wakefulness to the people that they may find sleeping as impossible task. Below are some effective herbs that help managing stress and sleep problem as well-

Linden flower-

Linden flower

Wonderful fragrance of linden flower helps reducing nervous tension, irritability, anxiety and flow of other adverse emotions in the brain. Since a very long time, people have been taking the herb for treating their psychological disorder and bringing sleep quality back on the way. It can be taken in form of tea after evening meal.

Valerian root-

Valerian root

This is one among some widely used herbs for wellbeing of insomnia and other mental disorders as well. It has soothing effects over functions of central nervous system responsible for stress or anxiety. Its soothing effects help the person enjoying great night sleep and enjoying overall wellbeing. The person should take the tea after the meal and should strictly avoid observant activities.



It is one of the most effective and versatile form of herb used for the treatment of stress that signifies towards premenstrual syndrome. Its intake can allow women enjoying great night sleep by eliminating insomnia. Women should strictly avoid the intake during office working hours as it can cause sleepiness and drowsiness meanwhile the work.



The herb has been using in the meal since a very long time. Its main motive is to reduce the stress and anxiety so that the brain can be able going to the sleep mode. Its regular intake can make the person feeling more relaxed during the condition of insomnia, that need treatment through certain sleeping tablets.      

Lemon balm-

Lemon balm

Also known as Melissa, lemon balm tea is greatly beneficial for individuals looking for betterment in their sleeping problems. It is said that the herb is also useful for treating some seasonal diseases like cold or flu. Its highly effective and functional ingredients help reducing the mental disorder so that sleep deprived persona may be able sleeping well at night.

These are five useful and effective herbs for insomnia or other related problems. If you too have some kind of problem taking proper sleep, you must opt for any of these functional natural sleeping aids easily available on the market. In case of less effectiveness of these herbs, you are advised to take any of sleeping tablets like Zopiclone tablets, Ambien tablets, Xanax tablets, diazepam tablets etc., but after prescription only. When taken with proper medical care, they may help achieving sleep quality with more ease.


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