Link Between Insomnia, Obesity & Sexual Health?

Sleep loss results in many serious health consequences such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease etc. Did you know that male insomniacs are more likely to gain weight and reduce the testosterone level? Let’s know how sleep, weight and sexual issue are co-related to each other.

How Sleep Increases One’s Weight?

An analysis by the researchers at Columbia University found that people who take snooze less than 7 hours per night get gained weight. They revealed that late sleepers consume three times more calories than earlier sleepers as they depend mainly at the dinner and fast foods. The extra calories taken during the midnight are the significant factor of one’s increased weight.

The late night snacks gain up to two pounds a week. Michael Breus, PhD, author of the Beauty Sleep stated that metabolism of people with poor sleep quality doesn’t work properly to lose weight during the snooze. He also mentioned that ghrelin and leptin are important hormones which tell when to eat and stop eating respectively. A snooze deprived men gets more ghrelin and less leptin, liable to increase the weight.

Remember it, more ghrelin + less leptin = gained weight

How Increased Weight Line Cause Sexual Issues?

Many studies have revealed that obese people are at higher risk of sexual issues. A recent survey reported that up to 30% obese people get sexual problems, including low sex drive, desire and performance.

It has been found that being overweight does affect the arteries and the blood stream. It ahead causes issues for the T level. Lower testosterone means poor sexual and erection health. Mc Collough says that a man having problems with erection also loses sexual desire. Testosterone is a vital hormone that not only requires for men’s sexual health but also for a muscle mass.

Adequate Sleep Ultimately Assists in Improving Sexual Health

“Sleeping, healthy diet and sexual health are not luxuries; they are necessities of a human life.”

A good night’s sleep grants a healthy life and prevents from the disease as well as maintaining body weight. Getting a sufficient snooze let the person to decrease the metabolic disorder and continuously improve the overall health and well being. Following are the ways that help in improving one’s snooze pattern:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and other sleep interfering chemicals
  • Create a snooze inducing environment in the bedroom
  • Take a warm glass of milk
  • Prepare an effective pre slumber routine
  • Go to bed when a person is truly tired
  • Exercise early

These are some of the significant approaches that can help in inducing snooze. Following these steps regularly offer assistance for the long term. It works gradually but for a longer period. Ambein sleeping tablets UK is also considered an effective way to induce. It is better, but for only short term period.

The physicians in the UK prescribe cheap ambien tablets online to their patients as well as recommend natural approaches. Learn more effective points about this medicine and ways to improve sleep and sexual health via



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