Change In Shifts Cause Sleeping Problems

Not every person has the normal shift timings of nine-to-five day. Millions of others have to work in evening, rotating and on-calls shift that seems quite problematic for them. Why problematic? You will have to accept many challenges while working in non-traditional hours in office.

Life seems to be going on abnormal track as you feel disconnected with people, you fail to manage time for important activities, you have to skip many special events organized in the evening, you do not enjoy the resting with your family etc. Apart from these, the one thing that you have to compromise is the sleep. Yes, when you have to work non-traditional or change in shifts, you are likely to have lower quality of sleep. For many people working in multiple shifts lead them to insomnia and cause stress at the work place.

Inappropriate and insufficient sleep then has negative impact on the quality of sleep as it can poor the attention, memory, reaction, concentration and mood that need to work productively at the work place. A recent survey in the United Kingdom has proclaimed that sleep problems are more common among individuals who have to work in non-traditional shifts. Most of these individuals have to be dependent on sleeping pills that help them getting 8-hours sleep to maintain a good health. No doubt, sleeping tablets have positive effects on the brain activity, but they are taken only for a short-term. Long-term use of a sleeping tablet can have negative impact as it can you addicted to the medication. You may feel high difficulty to sleep naturally, in case of unavailability of sleeping aid. Using sleeping tablets in UK has become a trend these days. Every 6 in 10 sleep deprived persons buy sleeping tablets to take good night sleep.

You may be thinking about what goes wrong with the person working in multiple shifts?  Why does he/she feel a great level of difficulty to hit the sack? Well, it is all about the functions of biological clock set inside the body. The person has to work against this clock when he works in non-traditional shifts. The body clock uses certain kinds of rhythm to make you feel sleep or wake up at a certain time. This is the reason why you start feeling sleepy at the time you sleep regularly. Among other factors, this is also set by exposure of sunlight and it keeps the timings close to the day/night cycle. When you work at night, you have to fight against the functions of its natural rhythms and stay awake. Since the clock is not set for daytime sleep, it keeps you wake during the day even when you work at night.

Change in lifestyle, healthy eating, reduced intake of stimulating components, proper sleep environment, meditative practices are some methods to get the recovery of sleep damage.


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