Insomnia & Sleeping Sickness – A Brief Overview  

Sleeping sickness, also African Typanosoimiasis, is a common disease in people living in some African countries.  This is caused by the parasite transmitted to human beings through infected tsetse flies, which often breed in warm and humid areas. Inhabiting a vast area across sub-Saharan Africa, tsetse flies come into contact with people, cattle, and wild animals and cause sleeping sickness. Keep in mind that tsetse flies  carry the infection, which eventually spreads through blood and leads to African Typanosoimiasis. sickness.jpeg"alt=" sleeping sickness
sleeping sickness

Symptoms of Sleeping Sickness :

The disease includes two stages. The first stage comes up with non-specific symptoms such as fever, headache, anxiety, weakness, itching, irritation, and joint pain. At this stage, sleeping sickness is easy to treat but very difficult to diagnose. Most people don’t release until they fall into the stage of this disease.

The second stage may be followed by some more specific symptoms like confusion, violent behavior, anxiety or convulsions. And more often, patients with sleeping sickness experience an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep during the night and feel during the day time. So if you are not able to sleep well at night or if you face sleepiness during the daytime, who knows, it might be the symptom of sleep sickness.

Treating Insomnia Caused by Sleeping Sickness :

If you struggle to sleep at night or feel drowsy during the daytime, it is time to get yourself diagnosed. In case, it is due to sleeping sickness, try remedies recommended for curing this condition. In otherwise case, go for insomnia treatments to help cure the difficulty of falling and staying asleep through the night time. There are plenty of treatments available to deal with sleep problems. Not all of them effective enough. It is therefore important to choose the right treatment to help you treat sleeping problems during the night.

Sleep problems may afflict in various forms. They might be normal or even severe. If you have mild insomnia, you can opt for natural remedies such as exercising, yoga and meditation. You can also reverse sleeplessness by changing diet. Yes, you can start taking foods such as bananas, milk, honey, curd, chicken, fish, ginger, garlic, cherry and other foods in a balanced quantity, it can also help you to deal with insomnia, a condition of not being able to achieve sleep or stay asleep through the night time.

Taking Sleeping Tablets :

Sleeping pills for sleep sickness
Sleeping pills for sleep sickness

If insomnia is severe enough and cannot be dealt with natural remedies, then take sleeping tablets as a last resort.  Modern sleeping tablets such as ambien and zopiclone can help you to avoid sleep troubles. They work on the brain and nerves to produce calmness and lead to peaceful slumber. Among other drugs, diazepam pills can also help. They are powerful remedies that contain diazepam, an effective ingredient that successfully cures insomnia. It has the ability to initiate and maintain sleep safely through the night time.


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