Breathing Problems That May Be Affecting Your Sleep at Night

Breathing Problems That May Be Affecting Your Sleep at Night :

It is not always stress and anxiety, sometimes breathing problems may also lead to sleeplessness in men and women. Not only do they cause insomnia, but also trigger various other physical and mental and emotional conditions. The most common breathing disorders include asthma, snoring and sleep apnoea.


It is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways characterized by reversible breathing problems due to airway narrowing or even obstruction. This can be mild to life threatening. Symptoms of asthma can include conditions wheezing, sneezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. When this happens, you are likely to wake up or your sleep may slightly break up.  Some breathing exercises or daily preventive treatment can prevent and enable individuals with asthma to lead active lifestyle.


Sleep Apnea

Better known as obstructive sleep apnea, it is a common and serious sleep disorder in which you stop breathing during sleep. The airway becomes blocked, limiting the amount of air into your lungs. When this happens, you may snore loudly or make choking noises as you try to breathe in and out. Your brain and body becomes oxygen deprived and you may wake up in between. Thus, it affects your sleep in a greater way. People with this type of sleep disorder don’t enjoy restful and deep slumber at the night.

There are many negative effects of sleep apnea. You can wake up in the morning feeling tired, though you have had a full sleep during the night. And then during the day, you may feel fatigued or drowsy especially around afternoon. Also, you have difficulty concentrating and remembering things. Come night, you may have again difficulty falling asleep.  Thus, this condition affects both sleep and health.

sleep apnoea
sleep apnoea


It refers to a loud or harsh sound that may occur during sleep. You snore when the flow of air gets restricted in your throat. As you breathe, it makes the tissues in the back of your throat vibrate, which in turn results in snoring.  It can occur during any stage of sleep right from initial to REM phase of sleep. It occurs commonly to men and who sleep on their back. Besides, alcohol, depressants or congestion from a cold or allergies may also cause you to snore. Snoring may make you wake up in between and thus disturbs your sleep. It can also cause a dry mouth or sore throat when you wake up the next morning.


Treatments for Breathing Disorder – Related Insomnia

Primarily, it is important to cure the underlying breathing problems to cure breathing disorder-related sleep issues. However, you can also take some sleeping pills after consulting a qualified doctor.  Some common medicines that can be sought after may include cheap sleeping pills such as zopiclone and ambient tablets.  All these tablets work well for both men and women and enable them fall asleep quickly. They work on the brain, produce soothing effective and lead to restful sleep during the night.

Treatments for Breathing Disorder
Treatments for Breathing Disorder

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