6 Things to Keep in Mind to Use Sleeping Pills Safely

6 Things to Keep in Mind to Use Sleeping Pills Safely :

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With stress and anxiety overriding our lifestyle, insomnia has become a common problem for both men and women.  To help you cure sleeplessness or insomnia, there are several medicines available.  Ranging from ambien, xanax to zopiclone to diazepam, you can rely on any medicine to cure insomnia. However, these medicines need to be taken as prescribed. Here are some important safety tips to use these drugs:

  1. Take sleep pills when you have enough time for a full night’s sleep

Sleeping pills only work correctly if you specify enough time for shut-eye. Most sleeping tablets are recommended for full eight hours to ensure you sleep for the whole night and wake up feeling fully refreshed. So, before you take sleep aids ensure you have enough time to sleep eight hour at night.

  1. Avoid sleeping pills in a heavy dose

Most doctors and researchers recommend helping men and women treat sleep problems. However, they should not be taken in a heavy dose to stay healthy. If you take a higher dose than prescribed or you don’t get enough sleep of eight hours, you are likely to get up with grogginess or side effects possible with sleep medicines. Make sure you never overdose and take the recommended dose only.

  1. Only take sleeping pills for a short time

Sleeping pills are designed to treat short term insomnia. It is advised to take them once or twice a week for one month only. If consume them longer than one month, they are likely to cause withdrawal effects such as dependence, addiction, tolerance or headache. They also lead to other critical condition as well.

  1. Don’t stop taking sleeping tablets suddenly

Quitting sleep aids abruptly can cause rebound insomnia or lead to other harmful side effects. Hence, if you are taking sleep medicines, it is important to stop them gradually. If you start reducing the dose of a sleep drug every week, you are not likely to experience rebound insomnia and sleep will come to you without the need or craving for medication. Seek medical help you feel addicted to sleep medications.

  1. Don’t mix sleeping pills with other sleep aids, alcohol and smoking

Insomnia is fairly common and over 20 percent struggle with it every night. If you suffer from insomnia and want to cure it safely, make sure you don’t mix sleeping tablets with other sleep drugs, alcohol and smoking. Mixing these drugs with alcohol and smoking reduces their effectiveness, while combining them with other sleep aids could be deadly. So avoid these combinations if you want to stay healthy.

  1. Know about the side effects beforehand

By the way, if you have a history of depression, heart diseases, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, sleeping tablets can temporarily make it worse for you.  When you don’t take sleep aids as and when prescribed before 30 minutes of bedtime, they are likely to cause some side effects such as anxiety, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, hearing disorders, hallucinations, nausea, drowsiness, lack of concentration, and memory problems. If these drugs lead to such effects, please seek medical help.

This is not the complete list of do’s and don’ts for taking sleeping pills. Consult a doctor to know more.


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