Five Common Sleep Problems Found in Individuals

Do you feel great difficulties falling asleep even when you are dead tired? Do you wake up at mid night, finding yourself helpless to fall asleep again? If it happens, you may be suffering from some sort of sleep troubles that are going to enter next severe phase. The troubles are more than just disorders and can bring a decrease in productivity, thinking power, memory, psychological and physiological activities. Here are 5 most commonly found slumber disorders in people belonging to different age-group-

Delayed sleep- Every individual might have gone through the time, when he might have difficulty falling asleep. People who suffer from it, delayed sleep is general occurrence, which may take a lot of time to fall him off asleep and consequently face problem to wake-up at scheduled time in the next morning. These people, later, suffer from dizziness while working at their work station. Stress or other type of psychological trauma may contribute to this problem. Medicines like Zopiclone tablets might be asked by suffering personality.

Insomnia- It is most prevalent type of sleeping problem with serious effects on mental and physical health. Insomnia is of two types- transitional and primary. Transitional insomnia can be caused by depression or stress hitting individual for a long time. Ambien tablets and similar medicines are recommended to cope with it. The recovery of this insomnia depends upon the stay time of stress. Primary insomnia is still a puzzle and last for a very long time. In many cases, primary insomnia is treated as hard-to-treat psychological condition.

Restless Leg Syndrome- When this condition occurs, a person feels sensation, tingling, restlessness in his legs. The feelings do not allow him to get into the dream world. He may have urge to move his legs constantly and intensity of the sensation may vary person to person. Surprisingly, the condition of RLS may worse during relaxation. The condition may be treated with pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Narcolepsy- This is weird but a serious kind of slumber problem, which makes an individual feeling sleepiness during the day and drift into sleep during the time of working. Freezing may be a condition experienced during sleep attacks. Some antidepressant, proper diet, social support, mindfulness meditation, exercise, stress management techniques may help reducing the problem. There are only a few cases put in the part of narcolepsy.

Snoring- A many individual may deny to accept their habit of snoring as sleeping problems, but it is actually a kind of slumber disturbance which lessen the efficiency of nighttime rest. However, there are no serious consequences of this kind. Snoring represents a condition when the nerves inside the throat block airway and passes through the mouth. There are no sleeping pills or aid recommended for this problem.


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