Significant of Sleep Process and Sleeplessness

Sleep is one the most important activity of the day. There is no quality without good night’s sleep. All of us like to fall into the bed and loss into dream world with sound, calm and peaceful sleep. You do love to sleep but are you familiar with how the sleep comes into your eyes and goes away from an individual’s eyes? No! Have a look on the information-

Process of sleep-

Before knowing anything about the solution of slumber issues, it is important knowing sleep process first. Our brain is filled with a large number of nerves or neurons. These neurons are turned as neurotransmitters through signalling chemicals. These neurotransmitters are released from the brain stem of lower brain and the top of spinal column; they act by making certain section fully functional in the body. There are different kinds of neurons that keep us awaking and sleeping. During the time of sleep, some other neurons, at the base of the brain become active by switching off the neurons that help us to awake. The chemical adenosine is responsible to make person more tired but at the time of sleep the chemical is broken down.

Reasons of sleeplessness-

The reason of sleepless or lack of sleep is itself hidden behind sleep process. Stressors or other sleep-trouble causing factors have negative impact on the neurons that cause rest and they also collect adenosine chemicals necessary to be broken for removing fatigue. So, stressors simply stops the ways of activation of neurons and breaking process of adenosine chemical. This is the reason why a sleep deprived person feels tired but cannot sleep after making so many efforts.
Unfortunately the problem of sleeplessness is with a number of people in the world. If reported are to be trusted, every three out of ten people in the world have different kinds of sleeping problems. These problems may involve interruption, lacking quality, tossing and turning, snoring, problem to fall or stay asleep etc. Every individual has its own cause of sleeping problem and its severity.

Prescription sleeping medication:

Self medication is not a good idea if you are thinking to buy sleeping tablets through nearest pharmacist. You should visit a healthcare provider, he may ask you several question to the history of your sleeping problems. On the market, some sleeping pills like diazepam, Zopiclone tablet , Xanax, Ambien, Tramadol, Nitrazepam are available on the prescription medicine. You may ask your physician to know effects of these medicines on your slumber disorders. Besides natural treatment like healthy diet rich in nuts, diary product, vitamins, fish, minerals, protein etc may help you maintaining the sleep and to complete your sleep medication soon.

sleep at night
sleep at night

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