Can Sleep Problems May Lower Pain Tolerance in People?

Do you struggle to fall or stay asleep through the night time? Or do you wake feeling un-refreshed the next morning? Do you spending your night twisting and turning or do you wake up in the middle of night and don’t return to sleep again?  Well, you need to ask these common questions to you. If the answer is yes, you are probably suffering from a condition known as insomnia, inability to get off to sleep or stay asleep at night.

Insomnia is characterized by the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep during the night time.  It all depends on the quality of sleep and whether you feel refreshed or drowsy after you wake up. It is also determined by your ability to focus, remember and perform at work. Men and women with sleep problems may have these symptoms – finding it hard to sleep, frequently waking up and trouble going back to sleep, waking up to early, being drowsy and tired upon waking, having headaches, lacking focus and concentration and day sleepiness amongst others.

insomnia problem

Insomnia has serious consequences on your mental and physical health. This not only leaves you tired or fatigued, but also makes you feel depressed, irritable and anxious. The lack of sleep also affects your memory, brain, digestive functions and may even lead to physical problems such as obesity, heart problems and cancer to name a few. Of late, a new study has been published in the Journal Pain, which shows that people suffering from chronic sleep problems have increased sensitivity to pain. This study comprised of more than 10,400 adults, most of whom had less tolerance to the pain in various parts of the body. While managing pain, make sure you sleep well at night.

Taking Sleeping Tablets for Insomnia

Now the big question is: how to improve sleep patterns at night? Well, there are many things you can try right from lifestyle changes to medications. If you want quick results, you can try modern sleeping tablets such as ambien, zopiclone, diazepam and xanax sleeping pills, all of which work on the brain and nerves to make people sleepy in minutes. The added advantage with these tablets is that they also maintain your sleep and help you wake up feeling refreshed. Since they have helped many men and women over the years, they are now preferred choice among insomniacs. It is more so because of their ability to heal insomnia safely without any side effects. If you are looking for some safe and affordable medications now, you can try these medicines easily available at online store.

sleeping tablets
sleeping tablets

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